My Favourite 10 Rules For Success

bishworaj poudel

Hii, I am a person who always tries to learn and improve my skill and knowledge, life teaches various lessons, learning from other people, especially those who are seniors and have done something useful in life. Here are my top 10 rules for success.

1. Learn Everyday

In this changing world, the important thing is not “How much knowledge you have” but “How fast you can learn new things”. Try learning new things every day. Try to apply your learning in your daily life and find out if it really works or not. Also, learn from other people’s mistakes. You can listen to podcasts, audiobooks, etc. Learning gives you new ideas to do things.

Also, connect with experts in your field and discuss with them or watch their videos, to see what they are doing. Traveling also gives knowledge so also travel often to new places to meet new people and see new cultures.

2. Be Internally Driven

Most people are externally driven, they do things to impress other people. The problem with being externally driven is that you may end up doing things that other people think are the right things to do, but that aren’t really interesting or innovative. You may also make bad decisions because you’re too focused on keeping up with other people and not falling behind.

On the other hand, being internally driven means you do things because you’re passionate about them and want to make a difference. This is what really drives successful people to keep pushing themselves to achieve more and make a bigger impact.

3. Self Belief

You need to believe in your work and yourself, if you don’t believe who does? As you gain more experience, trust yourself more. Self-belief is important for having contrarian ideas and managing your own and your team’s morale. However, self-belief must be balanced with the self-awareness to avoid self-delusion and entitlement. Seek the truth and listen to criticism with an open mind to avoid being out of touch.

4. Be Good at Sales

Believing in yourself is important, but you also need to convince others of your vision. Great careers require sales skills to communicate with customers, employees, investors, and the press. This requires clear thinking, concise language, and a charismatic presence. It’s important to believe in what you’re selling to be good at sales and it’s a learnable skill through deliberate practice. Showing up in person can also be crucial for career-making opportunities.

5. Focus

To do a good job, it’s important to focus on the right things. Many people waste time on things that don’t matter. Once you know what’s important, work hard to get it done quickly. Successful people don’t move slowly. Focus on your strength and improve it. You can meditate daily to improve your focus.

6. Build a Network

To do great work, you need to work with talented people. You can build a network of talented people by helping others and being generous. Find people who are good at things you are not good at and learn from them. Look for people who are smart, hardworking, and creative. Also, spend time with positive people who support your goals.

7. Become Wealthy

There is a difference between the rich and the wealthy. Being wealthy is often seen as a more holistic and sustainable way of achieving success, whereas being rich may be more focused on material wealth and short-term gain.

The world is filled with corrupted people. I know this is hard but not impossible. Earn money with integrity & honesty so that you become proud when you see your face in the mirror.

Learn and practice how to achieve financial freedom in life, so that you don’t have to work only for money. Work because you are enjoying it.

8. Work Hard & Smart

Working hard and working smart can help you achieve great things in your career, but to reach the highest levels, you need to do both. Working hard has many advantages, including momentum and fulfillment. It’s important to find strategies to avoid burnout, such as doing work you enjoy with people you like. Some people think you can be successful without working hard, but that’s not true. Working hard early in your career is especially important because the benefits compound over time.

9. Be willful

You have the power to change the world if you try. Many people don’t even bother trying and just accept things as they are. But if you ask for what you want and keep trying even when it’s hard, you can make amazing things happen. People who are persistent and never give up often end up being successful. Airbnb is a great example of a company that kept going even when things were tough and eventually became very successful. It’s important to be optimistic and believe that you can make a difference.

10. Take a Risk

Taking risks means doing something that might not work out, but could bring you a big reward. It’s important to find a balance between being responsible and taking risks. Start with small risks and work your way up. Don’t get too comfortable with a predictable job, because it can be hard to leave that behind. Remember, the short-term gain isn’t always as important as long-term fulfillment.

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